Top Three Tips for Solar Roofing

Whether you’re working on a complete knock-down or looking to boost the eco credentials of your existing home, solar roofing should definitely rank high on your building wish list. The benefits of solar cell technology – energy efficiency, sizable savings on power costs and environmental sustainability among them – make the decision to install a smart energy system a no-brainer. However, not all solar batteries are created equal. Here are our key tips for selecting the best solar roofing solution for your build.


Bristile solar batteries and smart energy management systems will have you reaping the financial and environmental rewards of self-generating power in no time. When selecting the best battery for your solar energy system, it’s important to consider the chemical make-up of the battery, the energy output it can deliver – particularly within the warranty period – and its expected lifespan.

Among the world’s leading energy storage systems, Bristile Roofing Sonnen units are perfectly suited to residential buildings, eschewing the carcinogenic, flammable and non-recyclable chemicals used in most batteries in favour of safe and stable Lithium Iron Phosphate. You can gauge a battery’s energy output by multiplying its number of daily cycles by its energy capacity.

Sonnen batteries currently average 1.7 cycles per day based on almost 1000 monitored installations. The life of a battery under warranty is usually limited by the number of cycles during its operation. Be aware of the expected lifespan or ‘performance warranty’ of your battery. Sonnen declares its expected life as 20 years.


Bristile Roofing boasts an extensive range of roof tiles and finishes selected and developed by its team of expert designers and colourists, so it’s definitely worth considering the aesthetic impact of your smart energy management system in addition to its technical wizardry. Just as Bristile’s Integrated Solar Tiles are designed to blend seamlessly with your roof profile, rather than spoiling your home’s facade with large format panels, Bristile’s exclusive arrangement with Sonnen means that your energy storage and management system will look similarly discreet.

Sonnen offers the only three-phase battery connection that guarantees optimum efficiency, with the battery, inverter and intelligence components all comprised within the one unit. Selecting a Sonnen DC avoids the unsightly, tangled mess of a regular three-phase battery, keeping your solar energy system looking neat and streamlined to reflect your investment and remain in sync with the style of your home.


Make sure you’re using the correct rubric for comparing different battery options. First, review the energy output per day before considering the energy delivered within the warranty period. If the cost of stored energy under warranty is less than the cost of energy through your electricity provider, then you know you have a solid investment.

Selecting solar power for your home is a fantastic investment, not only minimising the ongoing environmental impact of your home, but also making your energy costs more sustainable for the long term and increasing the value of your property. Choosing the right battery is an essential step when introducing a smart energy management system to your home or new build, ensuring that your renewable energy is being harnessed, stored and monitored with the highest level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For more details, visit

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