Three simple DIY brick projects to spruce up your backyard

How to use bricks to create eye-catching projects for your garden or outdoor space.

We all want our gardens and outdoor spaces to look great – particularly during summer, when we spend so much of our time alfresco.

But often our budget doesn’t match our aspirations. We’ve come up with three great and simple DIY brick projects for your backyard that will add plenty of pizazz, without breaking the bank.

The beauty of these ideas? You can use bricks that you already have at home, left over from other projects.


Every gardener loves a succulent – especially not-terribly-good gardeners – as they thrive with relatively little care. They’re also generally inexpensive, but for this project you will need a lot of succulents, so don’t hesitate to ask friends for cuttings from existing plants. The wall will be made of vertical stacked bricks – four bricks wide and seven to eight bricks high is a good size – so you’ll need between 28 to 32 bricks. Start by filling the holes in the bricks with a little potting mix, and then arrange succulents in the holes. Leave the succulents for a week or so to give them time to take, then start building your wall. As you’re not using any mortar between the bricks, it’s best to construct it against an existing wall for stability.


Bring native birds into your garden with this easy-to-build bird bath. All you need to do is build a brick stack about eight courses high. You’ll need two old pavers, about 32 bricks, an adhesive such as Liquid Nails, and a large, decorative heavy bowl for the water. Start by using an old paver, wider than your brick stack, to create a stable base. Then lay your first course of bricks in a square pattern. Cover the first layer of bricks with adhesive, and add your second layer. Make sure the corners of your structure are as square and level as possible. Continue the process until you have eight courses. Place the second paver on to your last layer of bricks to create your top. All you need do now is add your bowl, fill it with water … and wait for the birds to arrive.


This is a very simple way to create a herb garden with a difference: three stacked circular levels, each filled with the herbs of your choice, and lined with bricks. Begin by deciding your new garden’s width: somewhere around 1400mm would be ideal. Mark the circle with chalk. You now need to lay ground cover to stop weeds: cardboard is ideal for this. Lay the cardboard in the circle, overlapping it so all of the ground is covered; trim if necessary. Give it a good soaking with the hose, which will help speed up decomposition, then add a layer of gravel. You’re now ready to start putting your bricks in place for the bottom circle. Try to sit bricks as close as possible to one another so soil can’t escape. Once this circle is complete, fill with good-quality garden soil or potting mix. Now it’s time to create your second circle of bricks, about 400mm inside the first circle. Again, fill with garden soil. Finally, create the third circle, again about 400mm inside the second circle. Fill with soil. Now you’re ready to plant your herbs of choice – or any plants or vegetables you desire.

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