The Ultimate Home

A home is more than just a collection of rooms, it’s about how it makes you feel and how it enhances your lifestyle. Starting from the very first moment you walk through the door. Yet, while the design of any home is very personal, many people struggle with finding their own style for their home, says leading Australian trend forecaster, Kim Chadwick.

So where to begin?


Confidence is key when it comes to personal style, so trust your design eye when building your home. Dare to choose materials that reflect your individual taste, keeping in mind the four fundamentals of colour, texture, form and function.

However, it’s important to remember there are no hard and fast rules for creating your home. Feel free to mix and match designs and styles to create a look that is unique to you!

Interior stylist Belinda Cendron says style is “being aware of what’s around you and making conscious choices about what you include in your home.” Describing her own style as an eclectic mix of the organic, layered and collected, she recommends always starting with the architectural elements, first and foremost.

“What I am seeing now is people having more confidence in choosing what they want in their space, and the great availability of materials has meant that people are experimenting a bit more,” she says.

“Looking at materials like bricks, Brickworks alone has over 300 styles with so many shapes, sizes, glazes, colours and finishes, as well as so many options for how you install and where you use the product.

“Because of the availability of so many styles in bricks, I’m seeing them used more internally to create feature, shape and texture in a space.”

Overall, there is a real movement towards the use of authentic and raw materials such as timbers, bricks, and stone; these create a very natural approach to architecture and interiors.

Once you have nailed the architectural elements, Belinda says it’s time to play with styling. This is where you work with furniture, features, decor, artwork and lights, and determine how these pieces work together.

When understanding style, above all it’s important to know the feeling you want evoke with your space. Do you want to come home to and feel and sense of being balanced, relaxed, warm, cosy or clean?
Inspiration can come from all over: a picture that evokes a response, travelling to an exotic location, or a simple trip to the beach.

The ultimate home means something different to everyone. And the end of the day it’s about creating a space that suits the needs of you and your family.

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