The Style Inspiration Project


When building your home, you’re looking for a unique solution that suits your lifestyle, so naturally the materials you decide to use are an important and enduring choice.

To help you make these challenging decisions, Brickworks have created nine style inspiration boards that reflect local and global trends. From the fresh retro and white Blanco colour scheme, to the beautiful masculine and bold black Raven board, they showcase materials and colours that can be combined to create a stunning home. One that will give you a lifetime of great pleasure, comfort and durability.

Each striking scheme has been developed for not only residential dwellings but medium density and even interiors. According to Principal Interior Designer of ZQ Artique Zoe Condoleon, “The beautiful thing is that Brickworks have given you your roof, façade, paint colour, your garage door etc. The boards are so comprehensive they treat you to the entire external façade and all the materials you will need!”


Blanco features contemporary, high-contrast elements. Themed on a pure, neutral palette of whites and charcoals, with pops of complementary colours such as green and rust. These colours lift the palette, resulting in a suite of colour and texture that places the focus on the build form, giving your home a fresh, friendly atmosphere.

Crema features a comfortable, stylish timelessness. This fresh palette of subdued creams and browns speaks of an earthiness synonymous with a relaxed, comfortable Australian lifestyle. The texture throughout this collection elevates and adds interior to the gentle classic.

Beautifully expressive with a signature glamorous edge, Rouge features bold, exciting contrasts. Reds and greys create a strong edgy statement with blacks introduced to highlight, making Rouge suitable for both contemporary and traditional architecture.

The earthy, inviting palette of Bisque allows you to maximise natural colours and textures within your home. Creams, browns and timber accents have the ability to blend with your environment to create soothing visual harmony, with the warm tones suiting both traditional and contemporary design.

Taupe exhibits a neutral grey palette that strikes a true balance between warm and cool tones, evoking the colours and textures of gently weathered wood and time-worn stone. The balanced charcoal and warm grey palette is both raw and refined, subtle yet impactful, giving taupe the ability to pair a modern design aesthetic with a timeless finish.

Auburn features a mix of rich, warm brown and red tones that perfectly capture a blend of the old and the new. This luscious colour palette of rich port and warm grey is offset with deep cream highlights, creating a traditional, nostalgic blend of colour, texture and form.

Rich and luxurious, Sienna draws from a strong, powerful range of coloured sand textures and hues. The palette is both warm and fresh as well as pale and rich, encouraging the application of bold design and high contrast in finishes and statement areas. With a slick resort feel, this palette enables you to create areas of visual and textural interest within your home.

Sterling is a sensory feast, highlighting texture and colour tones that evoke interest. It invites people to not only look and admire, but also touch. With a grey gloss and matte palette, it is both warm and cool, hard and soft, edgy and timeless, giving you the ability to build a home with a truly unique design outlook.

Raven makes a bold and powerful statement at a material, textural and colour level. This dark, contemporary palette of blacks and browns exudes masculine strength and stylish confidence. Through solid and traditional in a material sense, the colours and textures of this bold palette add a seriously contemporary edge to the range.


Book in for a colour selection appointment at your local Brickworks Design Centre to take the stress out of choosing the external colour of your home. This unique service helps in selecting products to match your style and budget and shows you how beautiful they look together, using the digital iVisualiser tool.

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