The Role of Trend Forecasters

Building a home can be a daunting experience. Which materials, colours, textures and patterns should you use? The options available are seemingly endless, and it can be overwhelming. This is where trend forecasters come in.

“Colours, textures and patterns all weave their way through trends and can impact and change the perception of your home,” says Australian Trend Forecaster, Kim Chadwick.


According to Kim, the term refers to influential individuals in the design industry who can predict what will be trending, as they live and breathe creating beautiful design. This can include:

  • Architects and design writers who provide commentary on the built environment that is then translated into current trends.
  • Designers and photographers who create new products and ad campaigns that both inspire and excite us with new looks.
  • Stylists and bloggers who weave looks into aspirational spaces and events, and often let us know where we can get the look!


To help inspire your build, Brickworks sat down with some of the country’s leading design experts to talk trends. And get the inside scoop on creating a home that is truly unique and tailored to your liking. Here’s what they had to say…

Leading Architect and Design Writer, Stephen Crafti likens design trends to fashion, constantly changing with the times and seasons. He believes that consumers are now being much braver with their homes; not only with the design and furnishings but also with the materials being used.

He also points to a real “return to honesty”. For instance, no longer are bricks being concealed behind plaster. “Utilising the imperfect brick creates character and a voice for a home,” he says.

Leading Interior Stylist and Director of The Sourceress, Belinda Cendron defines style as “being aware of what’s around you and making conscious choices about what you include in your home.”

She describes her personal style as “eclectic, layered and organic,” adding that “pulling all the elements together creates style and something quite magical.” Her style secret is the return of the breezeblock in internal spaces. “Bringing the outdoor in, in a modern way has a very beautiful, practical function to it.

“Breezeblocks have been around since the 1930’s but we are now seeing a real return in their use and the way they are complementing contemporary design. Used as both a structural and architectural element, breezeblocks create a unique aesthetic as well as practical ventilation.”

Notable Stylist and style blogger, Deb McClean is most excited about technology meeting function and style as an upcoming trend. She is seeing an interest in using crazy and cool bricks, layered in a way that creates something quite out of the box! The Chau Chak Wing Building at The University of Technology Sydney, designed by Frank Gehry uses over 320,000 bricks layered in such as way that from every angle a different image is seen and has created a building that inspires!

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