It’s a natural: the hottest interior trends for the coming year

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The natural world, bouclé and green… welcome to the biggest interiors trends of 2020

The dominant interior trends of 2020 are in and they all have something in common: satisfying our need to get closer to nature. Here are five of the biggest trends to keep an eye on in the new year.

Go natural
As the technologies that dominate our lives get shinier, sleeker and faster, our yearning for natural materials in all their textured and imperfect glory gets stronger. Sure, we want to watch the latest episodes of Black Mirror, but only as long as we are ensconced in a space that protects us from that dark future with the comfort of the natural grain of timber, the pitted smoothness of marble, the cool roughness of stone and brick, the warmth of sunlight through a window, and the organic feel of leather, jute, rattan and wool. From building structure to furniture, natural materials will set the tone in 2020. Repurposed, recycled and locally sourced materials will score you extra green points and drive creativity and innovation.

Green is good
You don’t have to have a lush courtyard or sweeping lawns at your disposal to get your green fix at home. A petite balcony, pocket backyard or sunlit shelf can do the trick when it comes to getting closer to nature in 2020. Sage, mint and olive aren’t just good for eating – expect to see these shades of green used as a backdrop to an abundance of leafy loveliness. Whether it’s succulents and cacti or the shiny extravagance of the ever-popular monstera, improve your mental health with green in 2020.

Bouclé, baby
Consider the “soft” in soft furnishings well and truly back as we head into the 2020s. Loosen up with looped weaves, chunky knits and intriguing textures that invite a lingering touch. The macramé moment continues but it’s bouclé that’s set to really have its moment in the sun next year. As retro throwbacks go, it has a distinguished history, most famous for its incarnation in Chanel’s iconic jackets. Zoom forward seven or so decades, and bouclé is the texture that will have you never wanting to leave your living room. From scatter cushions to upholstery, it’s time to get in the loop.

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Patterns please
Patterns and prints are combining to make sure 2020 falls anything but flat. From geometric to abstract and floral to deco, expect walls, floors and furnishings to come to life. Look out for striking tiles in bathrooms or on splashbacks and intricately detailed floral wallpapers. While the truly confident embrace all-out pattern on pattern – think animal print meets floral design meets bold stripes – there are plenty of opportunities for a more modest approach to pattern play. Look out for striking tiles for a bathroom or kitchen splashback or revel in the floral trend.

Colour me blue
Classic Blue has just been announced as Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year. Described as calm and dependable by Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone’s Color Institute, this year’s selection resonates with the overall shift to natural materials and organic forms. When the world seems to be spinning out of our control, what could be more soothing and still than a deep, familiar blue? Partners in coastal cool, muted blues and greens will call to mind the healing power of the ocean, while earthy terracotta, amber and ochre will keep our feet on the ground.

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