The Decision Process: Brickworks Discovery Series with Neale Whitaker

The Decision Process of Building your Brick Home

In this episode of the Brickworks Discovery Series, Australian design identity, Neale Whitaker talks us through the decision process of building a home using brick.

Relationship with your Architect or Builder

Before launching into the build of your home, it is important to be confident in your architect or builder. Establishing these relationships is crucial as it allows ideas and creativity to flourish. These relationships are also incredibly important as you must be able to consider, discuss and respect budgets.

Regulations in your Area

Local rules and regulations are set by the local government and councils. These regulations affect the building materials you can use, as well as the styles and design permitted in your area. It is crucial to take the time to consider these regulations and make your design plans within the rules.

Consider Colour and Texture

It is important to think about what colours and textures resonate with you as this is going to be your home. Creating a mood board is a great way to start working this out. Some great places to source inspiration from include websites, magazines and television shows. The Austral Bricks website also offers fantastic tools and guides to help you make the big decisions.

When choosing colours it is important to remember that it can significantly change the mood of the room, the perception of space and it will also reflect your personality. This means you need to take your time when considering colour choices. Also keep in mind your homes location and orientation. Given the thermal qualities of brick, dark bricks will attract more heat whereas light colours will reflect it.

Textures are also an important part of the decision process. With options including smooth, honed and natural textures, it has never been easier to create any style you want.

Consider Brick Size

With the texture and colour of your brick decided, you then need to consider the size of your bricks. A large brick creates a sleeker, modern finish where as smaller bricks will create a more textured look in your home.

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