Texture: A Designer’s Secret Weapon

What makes a beautiful home beautiful? Of course, you need stylish furniture, alluring colours and the right lighting. But there’s a secret ingredient all great designers rely on to take a home to the next level. It’s the one thing without which no room is complete: Texture!

Texture refers to the feel, appearance or consistency of a surface or substance. “It’s all about how a surface looks and feels; how it reflects the light and casts shadows,” says leading Australian trend forecaster, Kim Chadwick.

Project // Circe Circle Residence | Architect // Mountford Architects | Photography // Dion Robeson | Product// Bowral50 in Bowral Blue

Without texture, a room feels flat. Texture not only breathes light into a building, it creates a tactile experience for our senses. By exposing the true quality of materials that shape an interior space or by creating an acoustic balance, it’s fundamental tool used to enhance visual weight.

Texture can dramatically impact how a space feels. Rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded, while smooth textures bring a sleeker, more aloof tone to the room. This principle also extends to the exterior of your home, and the use of materials such as timber, stone, brick and masonry.

Texture is especially important if you’re working within a particular colour palette where the shades are similar. When using a monochromatic or analogous colour scheme, make sure you choose items that heavily contrast. When they come together, they will bring a sense of harmony to the space.

Project // Circe Circle Residence | Architect // Mountford Architects | Photography // Dion Robeson | Product// Bowral50 in Bowral Blue

“It’s all about balance, and that balance is delivered in the texture of products we are selecting to live with,” says Chadwick.

Stylist and style blogger Deb McLean is a huge fan of adding texture to building and spaces. “Texture in current trends is everything,” she enthuses, adding that she’s been impressed by how industry leaders like Brickworks have embraced texture in their product ranges. Notably, Brickwork’s roof range has been elevated by combining strong colours such as black with a whimsical use of texture to redefine the contemporary roof.

Texture really can make or break a building, and Deb recommends being brave and pairing soft and hard and old and new materials together for a truly stunning result. “People are colourful beings, so we need to have texture in our lives.”

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