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Contemporary design gives us a whole range of colours, textures and materials to play with – for walls, doors, windows, gardens and the roof. And while your roof mightn’t be your home’s most obvious design element, it plays an integral role – both functionally and aesthetically.

When you realise that the roof takes up about 30% of the house’s facade, it’s worth investing in a roof tile that works hard and looks good.

Prestige Smooth, Titanium by Bristile Roofing

Why is your roof so important? First of all, there’s Australia’s harsh climate – your roof plays a key role in keeping the elements out and maintaining a comfortable temperature inside. But fending off the elements can take its toll.

As your home’s roof nears the end of its life, you’ll need to ask some serious questions: repair, re-colour, or re-roof?

Given the roof’s critical role in protecting your home, it’s important to really understand the issues you need to fix – what might seem like a cosmetic issue at first could, in fact, be affecting your roof’s underlying structure.

When you need to update your roof, it’s important to find a good roof specialist who can really identify the cause of the problem. Good advice will help you choose the right course of action, set a realistic budget and choose the right product.

If you decide to install a new roof, the first thing to consider is the right material for the job. Roof tiles are an ideal choice – ceramic tiles have a hard-wearing finish with a distinct style – their lustrous finish and refined design comes with a lifetime colour warranty and a 100-year product warranty.

The tiles’ sleek flat design offers easy installation and reduces costs. Their impressive thermal mass helps control temperatures inside the home, and their lower embodied energy makes good environmental sense, too.
Of course, it’s not all about function – the roof plays an important role in the look of your home, too.

Tiles like La Escandella’s “Planum” collection offers a flexible range of contemporary finishes. The stone-look Blackstone tile recalls slate shingles, while the range’s Slate tile offers a matte finish. For a more modern finish, the Caviar tile gives your roof a lustrous semi-gloss finish.

La Escandella Planum – Blackstone by Bristile Roofing

The Planum range is designed for contemporary homes – the sophisticated flat profile gives homes a very modern look with a European influence.

So when it comes to the upkeep of your home you can get style and function under the same roof.

Article by Brickworks Building Products

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