Inspiration & Discovery: Brickworks Discovery Series with Neale Whitaker

Inspiration and Discovery
In this episode of Brickworks discovery series, design identity, Neale Whitaker talks through the many different types of bricks available and the benefits of using them to build your dream home.

The Modern Brick
Bricks are the perfect choice for any Australian home and in recent years there have been huge developments in the texture, form and colour of bricks. The variety of modern bricks means you can create an authentic mood and atmosphere with the choice of bricks in your home.

Colour & Texture
When it comes to home design, it is all about colour and texture. These two elements are ultimately what creates the character in your space and can therefore change the overall look and feel. At Brickworks Building Products, there are over 21 ranges and 130 colours and textured bricks available, ensuring you aren’t short of choice.

Longevity of Brick
Brick is an incredibly low maintenance material known for its inherent strength, durability and longevity. It will not warp, rot or decay and brick is non-combustible. Because of their thermal mass, bricks can also reduce energy bills by evening out temperature differences.

Brick will not fatigue like lightweight materials and brick homes do not require the same maintenance compared to rendered and painted buildings. Brick also outperforms in its ability to insulate and reduce sound.

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