Exposed brick walls in the living room: all you need to know

Exposed brickwork is popping up on living room walls everywhere – and a new brick facing product means you can create the look easily and economically.

Exposed brickwork is very on-trend, not only in the kitchen but increasingly in living spaces too.

There’s a particular earthy warmth an exposed brick wall adds to a living room, and it suits a variety of decorating styles, from rustic country to streamlined industrial chic.

One drawback: unless you’ve got an existing wall, building an entire brick wall can be expensive. However, a new brick facing product from Brickworks is making the process simpler and more cost-effective.

But what exactly is brick facing? Brickworks’ National Brand and Communications Manager Paul Byrne explains: “It’s a real brick cut face which has the same dimensions as a brick face – 230mm x 76mm – but with various thickness, generally 18mm.”  

It differs from brick veneer in that it’s a glue on-system. And that offers plenty of advantages. “Ease of installation is the first because no brick layer underneath is required,” Byrne says. “It’s also cheaper and can be installed on most substrate, except compressed fibre cement board and plasterboard.”

Let’s take a closer look at the kind of design feels you can create with the Brickworks range.

Scandi cool

Scandinavian style is all about simplicity, with heavy accents of white, raw timber and natural textures and textiles. To create a haven of Scandi cool in your living room, a white exposed brick wall is the perfect place to start, and the Bowral Bricks range in Chillingham White is the ideal brick. With that as your base, add natural, unfinished timber – think driftwood-style furniture – shades of pale grey and, lots of cushions in matching tones (subtle patterns only), a natural-touch of greenery, gentle lighting and minimal window treatments.

Urban chic

Raw exposed elements are the cornerstone of the industrial look, and a rough-edged brick wall one of its mainstays. The San Selmo Smoked bricks are kiln-fired in Italy, and bring a tactile, raw edge to a room. Industrial style is all about simple, clutter-free lines, with metal a major feature. For the living room, grey textiles are a must, as is industrial-style framework, particularly in black, white or gold. Add rough-hewn timber tables, a natural- toned rug and black-and-white photographs on your brick wall to complete the look.

Country comfort

A textured brick wall is key here, too: rustic red bricks such as the San Selmo Reclaimed Original would work well, as would the same brick but in the Limewash finish. The trick with the country look is to embrace the homey feel without getting twee. Recycled timber suits the rustic approach, as does black iron frames which adds a little edge – incorporate a natural scatter of greenery to soften the metal.

Lush luxe

Like the idea of a luxury living room? Then start with a striking exposed brick wall using La Paloma in either dramatic Azul or clean white Miro. This is one look where you can embrace colour – think deep reds, greens and pinks contrasted with taupe and ecru. Fabrics need to be luxe, too: velvet, faux fur, satin, damask. Lighting fixtures should be minimalistic – while you can increase the drama with metallic accessories and over-the-top coffee tables and window treatments. Striking, multicoloured furnishings near the exposed brick wall will act as an eye-catching centrepiece.

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