Currently trending: Home Beautiful’s Katrina O’Brien on the best looks trending now



Home Beautiful’s Katrina O’Brien gives her verdict

Every day a new batch of gorgeous houses, amazing new products and fabulous ideas from overseas crosses the desk of Katrina O’Brien, managing editor of best-selling interiors magazine Home Beautiful.  But what did she really love over the past 12 months? As the year comes to a close, we ask Katrina to nominate her five favourite design trends.


“This year has been all about the curve, with straight lines and sharp angles taking a back seat to a more feminine form. The shape is seen in architecture – look no further than the stairway in Australian designer Jardan’s gorgeous Paddington [NSW] store – homewares and key pieces such as curved coffee tables, occasional chairs and tables. Award-winning British designer Bethan Gray, who has a passion for circular shapes, captures what is so wonderful about the shape in all her collections, including her latest, ‘Exploring Eden’.”


“A new take on the need to breathe in an increasingly pressured world, ‘Solace’ is a trend that Home Beautiful has identified and embraced and it is one that truly nourishes the soul. This look is all about pieces that have a sense of peace and sustainability, embraces a refined simplicity and is marked by a neutral colour palette featuring shades of white and sand. Shapes in this trend are soft, fluid and handmade, embracing the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi, where beauty lies in imperfections.”


“I absolutely adore rattan – I am a child of the ’70s! – and it is one of 2019’s biggest trends, appearing in breathtaking bedheads, chic chairs, tables and lounges that go from the outside in to capture a late mid-century vibe in a completely modern setting. It brings a boho vibe into interiors and, mixed with some of the year’s other big trends such as curves, it really is statement-making. Studio Marfa’s ‘Andy’ chair, shown at Milan Design Week earlier in the year, nailed this combination perfectly. Curves + rattan = design bliss!”



“Black-and-white will always be on trend but this year it has stepped up even more in elegance, with a modern Parisienne take. Art deco influences add glamour to the look as do curved forms and a balance between old and new. This is a look that gently evolves through the years (and decades) and the look of the moment combines black-and-white with bold metallics and glamour – from a bold brass mirror or a crystal chandelier that looks like it’s visiting from the French countryside – and worn-in wood to blend old with new.”


Red Velvet

“Say goodbye to millennial pink and hello to a luscious, alluring rose – a deep, red velvet that makes a statement in any room. This colour is rich in tone and density, and sits beautifully beside a range of materials such as velvet, rattan, marble and polished brass. Again, it’s seen in harder forms, such as kitchen cabinetry and terrazzo tabletops, through to soft furnishings and pieces such as throws and cushions and couches. Think ruby, scarlet and burgundy. One for the brave.”

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