Creating a Cooler Roof

Everyone wants to be both practical and stylish when building their home. Being able to choose materials and colours whilst still being considerate of crucial aspects such as energy consumption is important. Enter cool roof tiles; a unique roofing solution that is not only beautiful, but energy efficient too!

Bristile Roofing’s Cool Roof tiles are selected because they are lighter in colour than standard roof tiles and therefore, reflect more heat away from your home, further reducing the need for artificial cooling devices.

Brickworks Colour Consultant, Kim Chadwick has created 5 Cool Roof colour schemes that combine the concrete cool roof tiles with materials and colours for the façade of your home, taking the guesswork out of material and colour selections.

Each striking scheme has been developed to complement residential dwellings. An all in one scheme, Bristile have given you your roof, paint colour, pavers, retaining walls, brick colours, gutters, taking the hard work out of choosing each facet of the exterior of your home.


The Steel colour scheme combines contemporary, high-contrast elements that create a pure, neutral palette of whites, and charcoals. Hero-ing the cool roof – Steel tile, the pop of blue offers a fresh and truly unique design attitude.


Pearl colour scheme offers a bold mix of contemporary blacks and browns that compliment the pearl tone of the roof. Through the solid mix of textures and materials, this bold pallet adds a seriously contemporary edge to the range.


Pearl colour scheme exhibits a warm neutral grey palette, featuring taupe stones, porcelain coloured retaining walls and the pearl cool roof tile, and this modern and inviting colour scheme offers a timeless finish for your home.


Pebble colour scheme is strong and masculine, featuring the pebble coloured cool roof. This scheme makes a powerful statement with a contemporary palette of blacks and browns adding a seriously contemporary edge.


Pebble colour scheme features a fresh palette of subdued creams and browns, resulting in colours and textures that exhibit a relaxed Australian lifestyle. The lighter colours aid in this timeless palette and give your home a classic and sophisticated outlook.


* The products used in the colour schemes noted are only available in Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory. Similar colours to those shown are available in other states and customers interested in these should contact their local Bristile Roofing representative for advice.

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