Cool Roof: Introducing the Ghost White roof tile from La Escandella

La Escandella’s Ghost White Roof Tile.

The cool roof tile: white roof tiles will make your house stand out from the crowd – but soon the crowd will join you! Their stylish looks and sound eco-credentials mean white tiles may be the way of the future.

It was only a matter of time before our love affair with minimalist, goes-with-anything white made its way to the roof. White roof tiles can be the perfect complement for just about any style of home, whether coastal, contemporary or traditional. And Bristile Roofing’s La Escandella Ghost White ceramic tiles are leading the way.

“We have seen our fair share of white metal roofs,” says Australian Trend Forecast director, Kim Chadwick, “but to see a white roof tile emerge that’s as elegant and sophisticated as La Escandella is a new and exciting thing. And I think it will have enormous popularity given trends at the moment.”

Although Australians still appreciate earthy brick colours, Kim says we’re seeing a surge in the popularity of black, grey and white bricks. Black and grey are also being used with abandon in interiors (kitchens and bathrooms, in particular), and dark grey exteriors are more popular than ever. This trend was quite prominent in Home Beautiful’s acting editor Katrina O’Brien’s top 5 trends that dominated the magazine’s 50 Beautiful Rooms 2019.

A white roof on a dark grey façade works well if balanced with light stone paving, retaining walls and landscaping features, Kim says, but white roof tiles really shine on a white-on-white house.

“There’s a real trend in contemporary housing for the same colour to be used throughout, and white on white is very strong,” she says. “A monochromatic palette allows the architectural elements of a house to speak for themselves.”

Hamptons-style homes – luxurious, symmetrical, two-storey residences influenced by the coast – are often light in colour and work well with La Escandella tiles. “In that scenario, the white roof tile does very well,” says Kim.

Coast homes suit the white roof tile aesthetic.

Reflecting the heat

The La Escandella terracotta tile in Ghost White is available in two ranges: the sleek, flat Planum profile, and the modernised Innova profile, which is suitable for most housing styles.

Left: Planum Profile. Right: Innova Profile.

“Both ranges can be applied to a roof with a pitch as low as 15 degrees, making them ideal for contemporary-style houses,” says Brickworks’ Brand and Communications Manager Bricks and Roofing, Paul Byrne.

The tiles have eco-credentials as well. With energy bills going up and temperatures rising, Australians are eager to embrace natural ways to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. “Terracotta roof tiles reflect more heat away from your home, resulting in lower cooling requirements,” says Paul. “With Ghost White, the level of solar reflectivity is even better.”

Terracotta roof tiles are also effective at reducing noise in the home, says Paul. Compared with roofing materials such as metal, tiled roofs reduce noise by about 25 decibels.

The ghost white tiles offers excellent solar reflectivity.

Kim predicts that the white roof tile will first be embraced in Australia’s warmer states, such as Queensland and Western Australia. “But there’s also a lot of scope in Sydney and Melbourne. It will start with architecturally designed houses and very quickly find its way into a more mainstream market.”

La Escandella roof tiles also have a 100-year product warranty and are guaranteed not to fade.

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