How to channel Hamptons style for your home

Palm Springs by Webb & Brown-Neaves uses GB Masonry blocks inside and out.

Australians are increasingly looking to the luxury homes of the Hamptons for style inspiration, and adding a few local touches of their own. These three Brickworks materials will help bring the look to life.

The Hamptons, an enclave of upmarket coastal towns on Long Island on the US east coast, is famous as the summer haunt of wealthy New Yorkers. It is equally notable for its eponymous style of interiors: think relaxed beachside living in hues of white and blue with oodles of sophistication.

With its open spaces and breezy, saltwater aesthetic, it’s no surprise that Australia has wholly embraced Hamptons-style design. Many new builds, particularly along the coast, are borrowing some of the key features of the Hamptons home and adapting them to our conditions.

From Dunsborough to Byron Bay and Brisbane to Portsea, our climate is perfectly suited to Hamptons-esque homes. Whitewashed interiors, a gabled roof and weatherboard exteriors evoke a sense of casual, beachside luxe that is in harmonious synchronicity with laidback Australian style.

While a complete copy-and-paste of a Long Island home may feel a little out of place in an Antipodean setting, with a few adjustments this style can easily adapt to our more relaxed lifestyle.

Australia’s version of the Hamptons style.

To achieve this look, it’s important to adhere to a few aesthetic guidelines. Be sure to begin with a muted colour palette of crisp whites, soft greys and coastal blues. Natural materials such as timber floorboards, panelling and wooden cabinetry are also hallmarks of Hamptons interiors, as are open spaces and high feature ceilings. Outside, large white-hued decks with simple but dramatic pendant lights, timber doors and windows, and white façade materials will all hit the mark.

Petrie Terrace by Nest Bespoke Homes.

Alongside a traditional, cool-hued weatherboard finish, breeze blocks add a more contemporary touch. In a range of colours and designs, GB Masonry Breeze Blocks can accent a Hamptons home with a little personality while still seamlessly blending with the classic look. Their ability to screen, shade and playfully interact with light, as well as their retro appeal and durability, make breeze blocks an ideal material to employ in the ultra-bright Australian landscape.

GB Masonry Breeze Blocks in Porcelain.

A clever design can even incorporate breeze blocks into the interior of a Hamptons home, complementing more traditional timber cabinetry. Or combine breeze blocks with clever landscaping to create useable indoor-outdoor spaces that celebrate the Australian climate.  

Keep a Hamptons colour palette in play while ensuring durability with Austral Bricks La Paloma in Miro and Bowral Bricks in Chillingham White. These stylish bricks are a pleasing contrast to Weatherboard and Decking, while maintaining the Hamptons vibe. Used both internally and externally, they make elegant feature walls, fireplaces and low fences.

With these three Brickworks materials, the creation of a classic or more contemporary take on Hamptons style is effortless. From here, it’s simply about finishing with touches of soft, white linens, driftwood-hued furnishings, pendant lights and a well-placed outdoor setting.  

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