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Creating the perfect Australian Home with Brick

In this episode of the Brickworks Discovery Series, design identity, Neale Whitaker sits down with leading Australian architect, Matt Gibson, to talk about creating the perfect Australian home using bricks.

Director of Matt Gibson Architecture and Design in Melbourne, Matt is known for having an incredibly strategic direction in residential design that explores contradictions within one space. With his extensive knowledge and experience in design, Matt gives expert advice on creatively incorporating bricks into your home.

Incorporating Bricks in Home Design

Matt refers to bricks as the go-to material for building a home. Known to stand the tests of time, bricks are an incredibly robust and maintenance-friendly material, saving on the time and costs of upkeep.

Bricks are a clever way to add texture to a room and can be contrasted against other buildings materials including timber, steel and concrete. Not only do bricks work well with other building materials, but they also work well in the natural Australian landscape. This versatility means that bricks can be used both inside and outside to create a seamless flow from the exterior to the interior.

Long-Term Value

When designing a residential project, Matt says his design firm never considers the cost factor of bricks. While it may be more expensive in the short-term, the brilliance of bricks is in the long-term value they bring to a home and their role in excellent design.

Favourite Project

A heritage-listed terrace house located in Melbourne is one of Matt’s favourite brick projects. They removed bricks from the building and recycled them in other sections of the home. The end result was a non-tradition combination of new bricks mixed with old throughout the house. The creative design will remain a timeless feature of the heritage home due to the enduring nature of bricks.

Matt says, “Architects are now doing more exploratory things with brick which is making it more and more appealing” and this project is just one example of that.

The Future of Bricks in Design

With the evolution of technology, more sculptural forms of bricks are being developed. As the manufacturing process of these bricks is simplified, more creative forms of bricks will be used in everyday projects and home design.

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