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A Guide to Choosing Brick for your Home

In this episode of the Brickworks Discovery Series, design identity, Neale Whitaker sits down with leading Australian Project Builder Clarendon Homes, to talk about what you need to consider when choosing bricks for your home.

Carolyn Piggott is the Interior Design Manager for the Clarendon Homes Group. With years of industry experience, Carolyn offers expert advice on the choices you need to make when building with brick.

1. Set a Budget

This is the first element you need to consider when building your home – and the key element that will determine everything else. You need to allow for unexpected costs for both the interior and exterior, including landscaping. Making these extra allowances will ensure you are not left short at the end.

2. Consider your lifestyle

This consideration varies from person to person. The first thing to think about in this step should be the size of your land. Once you have determined this, it is crucial to sit down and decide the overall style you want your home to undertake. Your choice of style will ultimately inform your selection of brick.

3. Choice of Brick

The choice of your brick and the style of your home go hand in hand. The style and colour of your chosen bricks will inject charm and personality into your house to ensure your personal character shines through.

When choosing bricks, it is also important to remember that you can either use brick to make a statement or, if you prefer, choose a classic brick to sit naturally in the Australian surrounds.

4. Go to a Selection Centre

Many project home builders will have selection centres where you are able to view external colour finishes and materials that will complement your selection of brick. These facilities should be used if possible as this involvement in the design process will lead to a better final outcome.

5. Brick Trends

Brick trends are often a reflection of those trends currently dominating in the fashion world. If you’re opting for a contemporary design, dark bricks are the perfect choice. The textured look of using bricks is also incredibly popular at the moment.

6. The Value of Brick

Brick offers incredible long-term value because of its superior protection and endurance. Bricks are fire protected, high wind repellent, naturally energy efficient and they look better for longer as they require less maintenance than other building materials.

Carolyn says, “Bricks are the most sustainable, green building material made.”

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