2 Minutes with Brickworks Style Ambassador, Kate Waterhouse

Our Style Ambassador, Kate Waterhouse is Australian racing royalty, and a modern-day fashion icon. A journalist, presenter and media personality, her unique blend of brains and bold, unerring style make her one of the country’s leading tastemakers.
The striking face of our ad campaign, Kate is contemporary yet timeless. Making her the perfect fit for Australia’s most innovative, established and style-driven brick manufacturer.
Kate believes style is a form of self-expression that comes from within. Read on for her insights into what inspires her style, and how it is ever evolving.


Growing up and surrounded by women in her family, some of Kate’s fondest memories are of her mother, grandmothers and aunty always being impeccably dressed. Saturday mornings were filled with playing dress ups, while her mother got ready for the races. Kate sees these memories as the catalyst for her creative career path.


Kate believes that style is ever evolving with your lifestyle and life stages. She notes that her style definitely changed when she became a mother. For Kate, it’s now about style and comfort going hand in hand. And that style ethos bleeds into all aspects of her life, from her travel and wardrobe choices to her home’s design.


From a young age, Kate was interested in creative pursuits and contemplated becoming a milliner and studying graphic design. However, it was her love of writing that lead her to journalism. Kate says it’s her ‘creative outlet’, allowing her to combine her love of writing with her love of style.


Kate finds inspiration everywhere, from magazines to movies, home design to fashion design. Yet, it’s travel that Kate draws from the most. Whether local or International, travel allows Kate to evolve in her discovery of style, and creatively source ideas and inspiration.
Of course, it’s also Kate’s family history in horse racing that sees her find much inspiration both on and off the track. She loves sharing her own race day styles and inspirations on her blog.


Kate’s fashion style icons include Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Bianca Jagger. Her icons expressed trends in their own unique way, which has given Kate the confidence to express herself through fashion.
Kate lives by her number one style rule – staying true to herself. Kate stresses that it’s not about following trends, it’s about what works best for you. Starting with that and adding the trend into your own style is key.


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